About us

When a child or young person is diagnosed with cancer, their whole world (and their family’s) can feel like it’s falling apart. They need special treatment because their cancer is different to adults’, they can only be treated in certain hospitals, and they often travel miles and miles to get there.

The impact of cancer on young lives is far more than medical. Their anxieties are deep. Their education, mental health and social lives suffer. Their futures feel very uncertain.

Young Lives vs Cancer is the only charity in the UK with specialist social workers dedicated to providing tailored psychosocial support to children and young people with cancer, and their families.

We stop at nothing to make their voices heard and their unique needs understood, so they can get the right care and support at the right time.


We will build a future where every child and young person facing cancer receives care that’s tailored to them. There are no gaps in support and no barriers to access. They have everything they need from the beginning of their cancer journey, for as long as they need it. They feel empowered every step of the way.

Whether it’s strengthening our own services, working with our partners to fill gaps or campaigning to change the system. Together, as a sector, as a system, as a society, we have the power to make it happen, but we can only do it if we have the right people on our team.


Our values are at the heart of how we act as an organisation and who we are. 

We are brave
We are confident
We have integrity
We are one team 

We need to be brave and confident with integrity – to make sure there is evidence behind what we are saying. We need to work collaboratively as a team – in the charity, with families, and with partner organisations.